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Taylor Diversion Programs (TDP) is a youth and family focused support program which embraces a national movement to keep at-risk youth in school and beyond. By providing a comprehensive program that will empower youth to make positive changes in their lives, our vision comes with a clear understanding that every child is at-risk.

TDP believes that at-risk not only includes educational components, but also childhood health and wellness, mental health, substance abuse, and other issues that negatively impact a child’s sustainable quality of life.

Many potential and current behaviors of concern start when a child negatively interacts with an environment that is challenging. With an emphasis on nature and positive thinking, TDP offers youth and their families an opportunity to ultimately enrich their lives and enhance relationships.

TDP believes that all members of our community have the responsibility to provide youth with the opportunity to develop and grow to their fullest potential. By applying proven methods and strategies through evidence-based programming, we are confident that the quality of life will be improved for at-risk youth, their families, and the community.

Over The Years, We Have Strived to Make a Better Place for TDP Youth

Since establishing our TDP site in 2014, Taylor Diversion Programs (TDP) has been an integral part of the Tionesta community, as well as surrounding areas. Through a state technology and training program (PACTT), TDP youth and mentors have been able to provide Tionesa and surrounding communities with assistance in landscaping, mowing, snow removal, shoveling, weeding, cleaning/clearing etc.

TDP youth and mentors continue to work with the PA State Fish Commission, the Army Core of Engineers, the AMVETS (when needed), the American Red Cross Blood Drive, local church events, the Indian Fest and volunteer whenever or wherever needed. TDP also works closely with several county Children and Youth Services, the Juvenile Justice Department, OVR, Career Link, and WHEOA. 

Two years ago, TDP began a monthly BINGO for Tionesta and the surrounding communities. The success of this event has been great. Each month, approximately 25 -30 Tionesta and surrounding community members attend; TDP students and staff provide the evening’s event, serving food from TDP’s FiSherman’s Cafe, this social event has added a needed community activity to Tionesta and surrounding community residents.

Lastly, TDP operates Lighthouse Island Academy, a private academic school, grades 9-12, available to school age students; to date, 28 students have graduated from Lighthouse Island Academy.

ABOUT Our Programs

In the past 6 years, TDP has housed anywhere from 20-27 youth at their residential setting in Tionesta, 365 days/year. Every youth who is court ordered or sent to TDP by Children and Youth Services is an “Individual Case.” Depending on the need, youth may only be at the facility for a short time (3 months) or perhaps 1 year or more. Youth are provided with all kinds of services (drug/alcohol/trauma/therapeutic) pertinent to their needs. Mentors, Teachers, Counselors, Life Coaches and outside agencies provide the needed services and guidance to all TDP youth.

7 years ago, TDP received the “Outstanding Program of the Year” awarded by Pennsylvania JCJC (Juvenile Court Judges Commission). This was a great honor for TDP as there are approximately 2000 similar programs in the state of Pennsylvania.

We also have received grants and recognition from the PA First Energy Company in Meadville; additionally, we have received grants and recognition from ECCOTA (Elk County Council on the Arts).

Our Mission & Approach

TDP provides supportive prevention services for troubled youth and their families by using proven strategies in education, vocation, nature and wellness in order to create stronger, healthier communities.

As TDP grows, we will continue our commitment to exceed the expectations of the populations served; moreover, we will remain committed to treating every youth as family.

TDP has created a unique,  four-dimensional Prevention/Intervention program for youth: Education, Family Support, Vocation, and Health Wellness.

Through our diversion programs, TDP provides experiences that give youth the opportunities they need to increase their chances for success and the necessary skills to better manage their risks through strength enhancement.

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