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Through TDP Programs, We Have The Power to Impact the Future of Our Youth

Taylor Diversion Programs (TDP) is a youth and family focused support program which embraces a national movement to keep at-risk youth in school and beyond. By providing a comprehensive program that will empower youth to make positive changes in their lives, our vision comes with a clear understanding that every child is at-risk.

TDP believes that at-risk not only includes educational components, but also childhood health and wellness, mental health, substance abuse, and other issues that negatively impact a child’s sustainable quality of life.

Many potential and current behaviors of concern start when a child negatively interacts with an environment that is challenging. With an emphasis on nature and positive thinking, Taylor Diversion Programs offers youth and their families an opportunity to ultimately enrich their lives and enhance relationships.

Taylor Diversion Programs believes that all members of our community have the responsibility to provide youth with the opportunity to develop and grow to their fullest potential. By applying proven methods and strategies through evidence-based programming, we are confident that the quality of life will be improved for at-risk youth, their families, and the community.

How the Program Works 

County Judicial Courts or Children and Youth Services refer youth to be placed at TDP. These referrals are generally by phone conversations, as well as receiving documentation of the youth’s history.

Subsequently, if the candidate seems adaptable to the program, Debra and Michael conduct either an in-person interview or ZOOM interview to make a decision as to accept/reject the potential student. Students who are accepted into the program live on-site, in a beautiful residential setting along the Allegheny River; here, TDP uses nature as their learning laboratory to provide a comprehensive
integrated Educational, Health and Wellness/Fitness and nature/vocational program that helps each individual to make positive changes in his/her life.

TDP provides a 24- hour nurturing atmosphere for youth where love, care, trust, respect, and relationship building are keys to success. Additionally, TDP houses the Lighthouse Island Academy which is a private academic school for students (grades 9-12) in need of completing their education. As one of
our youth explained to a visiting group….“TDP is like a Little America…you can make it here!”

Student Successes

Not all children are the same

The successes of our students have been monumental. Just to mention a few – one youth who could barely speak when he joined us (because he was so heavily medicated), secured perfect health and became a star baseball player in the local community; another youth who was a heroin addict at age 14, stayed at TDP for a year, became “drug-free,” enrolled in Clarion University, completed her first year there, continued attending college in Pittsburgh and has succeeded beautifully.

A third extremely artistic student who came to TDP as a very troubled youth (who had attempted suicide), worked through her issues with our program, earned an internship with a renowned artist in Erie, enrolled in Edinboro University and graduated Summa Cum Laude; she actually returned to TDP as an “ART Workshop TEACHER to teach Watercolor/Acrylic Painting to our youth population. It was amazing to see this young artist, who had been a former TDP member, now TEACHING students who had been “where she was” a few years before.

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