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In October of 2017, a young lady, three weeks into her sixteenth year of life, arrived in a small village town in Western Pennsylvania, along the scenic Allegheny River. Her introduction, short and to the point. There was a brief exchange, “I’m Trinity.” She was asked, “What do you like to do?” Her response direct, “fight.” When asked, “Are you any good?” She stated with surprise and a taken back demeanor, “I think so.” This would be the beginning of a new journey that Trinity did not anticipate. She appeared to lack purpose, yet was filled with a unique passion. It appeared that people only knew what she wanted them to know, no more no less. Who would have known that lives would be changed forever? Alone and discouraged, Trinity would learn that she would have the power to impact more than she could have ever imagined. Rejection, not a stranger to this young lady….Seventeen placements in five years, told she had been diagnosed with multiple disorders by many, a conglomerate of medications, in and out of psych centers, and tremendous challenging inconsistencies. By choice, she began to embark on a new journey. The decision to give Trinity a chance, was one of the most rewarding decisions anyone could ever experience. Trinity’s story is one that will lift the hearts, minds, and souls of many. She will change future lives forever.

Trinity arrived at Taylor Diversion Programs in the fall of 2017. As a result of her initial response to fighting, she was immediately introduced to personal trainer, Joe Helman, a Hall of Fame boxing coach. She began training three to four evenings a week. Trinity adjusted quickly to her new environment. She volunteered to assist with the monthly bingo event which was open to the local community. She learned to bake pies and prepare food assisting with program initiatives. Trinity was ask to mentor new girls entering the program. She was able to provide insight and comfort to multiple youth. Trinity was viewed as a silent leader by many. She never met the expectation of a disruptive and destructive person that she was perceived to be. She took no medication from the time of her arrival at Taylor Diversion Programs and takes none to the present day.

Prior to her arrival, Trinity had minimal consistency or experience in a typical educational setting. From the start, she was focused and able to earn enough credits to complete 10th grade. Eight months later, in June, she would discharge from the program and reside in Shippenville with the Cummings family. For years Trinity had been told she would never find success in a public school setting or function without medication for behaviors. Trinity was enrolled into 11th grade at Keystone High School in the fall, joined the basketball team and ran track earning a letter. She currently is a senior at Keystone and will be a part of the track team for her second year. Trinity took the SAT and ASVAB tests. She scored above average on the ASVAB and has met with a several recruiters. Trinity recently made the decision to enlist in the Marine Corps and has taken steps to enlist. The military is very interested in her skills and success relative to their boxing programs. She plans leave for boot camp at Paris Island, South Carolina in July 2020.

As a result of her dedication and talent in boxing, Trinity currently holds a Western Pennsylvania Golden Glove Title which she achieved on March 16, 2019. On April 20, 2019, she won a national belt in the Hometown Heroes National Boxing Tournament in West Virginia. Following the national event, she was approached by an admissions representative and boxing coach offering a full ride scholarship to Glenville State College. In addition to her state and national titles, on May 11th she fought at the Butler Cubs Fight Club and won her bout winning her 3rd medal. She received the PA JCJC Outstanding Achievement Award in November 2019. Trinity will be participating in 2020 Western Pennsylvania Golden Gloves on February 19th 2020 and 2020 Hometown Heroes National Tournament on March 13th in West Virginia.

Trinity not only made the decision to change own her life, but in doing so, has impacted many who have come to know her. Coach Helman was prepared to close his gym and retire. When we thanked him for training Trinity and told him he had changed her life, he stated, “No, Trinity has changed my life.” The special bond that these two have found is felt when in their presence. Trinity has truly become a member of the Helman family. Joe will continue to train Trinity and the gym remains open for others to receive the blessing of this selfless trainer.

Trinity’s unique passion for boxing was the catalyst to her new beginning. Recognizing her natural talent in boxing would prove to be life altering. Her commitment never wavered throughout her stay and she was able to complete the program with total success. Trinity has successfully satisfied her juvenile probation requirements and her case was closed on October 15, 2019.

She continues her dedication with training to this day. Trinity has aspirations of the participating in the Olympics and eventually turning Pro. In the opinion of Coach Helman, this is achievable. She is scheduled to fight on November 16th and 23rd, one of which will be a young lady from West Point Academy. It will be a great show to see the Army and Marine Corps meet in the ring! Further into the future, she plans to develop boxing camps for young children who are misunderstood, need a purpose, and strive to belong.
Trinity’s story is one of great inspiration. She is truly an example of hope for children, parents, and professionals across the nation. Trinity is simply one of many misunderstood, misdiagnosed, poorly represented children in today’s society. Please keep in mind, had the decision been made not to accept Trinity’s referral to Taylor Diversion Programs, she would have been transferred to a secure facility medicated. It’s time to protect this precious natural resource….our children.

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