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Assisting Youth and Families in Making Healthier Choices

TDP is aware that health and wellness play a critical role in the ability of youth to thrive and make positive decisions. Our nature-based Health and Wellness program has the power to promote general health, physical fitness, and wellness to youth and their families. Staying active, fostering the importance of healthy behaviors and relationships, and providing nutritional education are essential in achieving optimum wellness. TDP:

  • provides health and wellness mentoring
  • utilizes nature for health and wellness options
  • provides guided fitness programming
  • enhances academic and/or work performance
  • provides instruction on personal and community health issues

Our fitness center features comprehensive exercise and fitness equipment. Also, we offer unlimited opportunities that utilize nature and the outdoors as a natural gymnasium. This unique approach assists in leading to a reduction in risk factors associated with obesity, hypertension, and Type II Diabetes. Our health and fitness component provides youth with opportunities to be mentored by certified trainers.

Among the many health and fitness fundamentals which are be explored include, but are not limited to the following:

  • personalized wellness coaching
  • mental and physical strengthening
  • flexibility and range of motion
  • nutritional instruction
  • fitness made fun
  • personal fitness plan

Making it a Lifestyle Change

TDP youth are immersed in a nature-based experience that equips them with knowledge and skills while providing them with a solid foundation of fitness for life. Our health instructor and mentors encourage students to move forward with the initiative to make healthier and more responsible choices.

Youth leaving the program are encouraged to continue contact with TDP instructors/mentors regarding their individual health, fitness, and nutritional needs.

It is our TDP goal that healthy practices will become a natural way of life for youth, improving their health, well-being, and overall future. Our youth will not only be healthier and more physically fit, but will experience a greater sense of self-worth. We believe strongly that the TDP Health and Wellness experience enhances relationships with family members, friends, and community.

“It’s no coincidence that four of the six letters in health are “heal.”

Ed Northstrum

Hear From our Students

Tailoring Our Program to Meet the Youth Needs

Preventing and Overcoming Childhood Obesity

Youth who may have vulnerability related to obesity, participates daily in our Health and Wellness Program. Each youth receives an Individualized Wellness Plan (IWP) that provides optimum health benefits for a productive lifestyle. In addition to our group fitness exercises, a personal trainer provides one-on-one assistance for maximum results.

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