Veteran’s Day Brunch November 2018

We are having a Veteran’s Day Brunch on Friday, November 9, at 10:00 AM to NOON to honor the many veterans who are employed by TDP, as well as veterans of the community. Please join us!

Music will be provided by the Youth Choir of Taylor Diversion Programs.


In preparation for Veteran’s Day, we decided to invite a few of our TDP Veterans, along with a community member to speak to our classes about their experiences in the armed forces, including questions like: what made them decide to join, how did they choose which branch to join, what was life like in the service, where had they traveled, would they join again, etc. Our TDP speakers were John Hipple and Justina Grant. Rick Witherell was our Tionesta community member. All three of these seasoned “veterans” shared their awesome, incredible experiences with us, and each strongly concluding that it was “one of the greatest experiences of their lives!”



We definitely are so honored to have John and Justina and the many other TDP employees who have served in the military with us! Our greatest thanks to each of them for their service to us and our country! Indeed, they are to be commended! Many thanks to John, Justina and Rick for presenting to our classes on Tuesday, November 6th, as well! Indeed, we appreciated each of them spending time with our classes!