Wellness Naturally

Assisting Youth and Families in Making Healthier Choices

TDP is aware that health and wellness play a critical role in the ability of youth to thrive and make positive decisions. Our nature-based Health and Wellness program will have the power to promote general health, physical fitness, and wellness to youth and their families. Staying active, fostering the importance of healthy behaviors and relationships, and providing nutritional education are essential in achieving optimum wellness.

TDP will:

  • provide health and wellness mentoring
  • utilize nature for health and wellness options
  • provide guided fitness programming
  • enhance academic and/or work performance
  • provide instruction on personal and community health issues


Our fitness center will feature comprehensive exercise and fitness equipment. Also, we will offer unlimited opportunities that utilize nature and the outdoors as a natural gymnasium. This unique approach will assist in leading to a reduction in risk factors associated with obesity, hypertension, and Type II Diabetes. Our health and fitness component will provide youth with opportunities to be mentored by certified trainers.

Among the many health and fitness fundamentals which will be explored include, but are not limited to the following:

  • nutritional instruction
  • fitness made fun
  • personal fitness plan
  • personalized wellness coaching
  • mental and physical strengthening
  • flexibility and range of motion

Tailoring Our Program To Fit Youth Needs

Making it a Lifestyle Change

Youth will be  immersed in a nature based experience that will equip them with knowledge and skills, while providing them with a solid foundation of fitness for life. We will encourage them to move forward with the initiative to make healthier and more responsible choices.

Youth leaving the program will be encouraged to continue contact with TDP instructors/mentors regarding their individual health, fitness, and nutritional needs.

It is our goal that healthy practices will become a natural way of life for youth, improving their health, well-being, and overall future. Our youth will not only be healthier and more physically fit, but will experience a greater sense of self-worth. We believe strongly that the TDP Health and Wellness experience will enhance relationships with family members and community.

Preventing and Overcoming Childhood Obesity

Youth who may have vulnerability related to obesity, will participate daily in our Health and Wellness Program. Each youth will receive an Individualized Wellness Plan (IWP) that will provide optimum health benefits for a productive lifestyle. In addition to our group fitness exercises, a personal trainer will provide one-on-one assistance for maximum results.

“It’s no coincidence that four of the six letters in health are “heal.”Ed Northstrum
Through our diversion programs, TDP provides experiences that give youth the opportunities they need to increase their chances for success and the necessary skills to better manage their risks through strength enhancement.

What others are saying…

  • Taylor Diversion Program not only addresses the development of competencies necessary for a successful transition to living independently in the community, but also includes a family component which assists in the rebuilding of relationships between family, caregivers, schools and communities, an area in which most of these youth have ‘broken many bridges’. Mentoring is a critical component of this program which will be an ongoing process throughout the stay.Children and Youth Services Representative
  • “After visiting the site and hearing the plans you have for TDP, I believe the types of programs and services that you propose to offer will fulfill an important need in the region. The intent of this mentoring program is to help at risk children develop the competencies needed to develop a successful lifestyle and assist in rebuilding relationships between family, caregivers, schools and communities.”Congressman
  • “I am firmly convinced that having this leadership and mentoring program in our area will have a very positive impact on our students, our schools, and our communities. It is discouraging to witness deteriorating behavior and performance in young people who we know have ample potential, but are not served adequately by the confines of public education. I know that the motivation behind Taylor Diversion Programs is to reach students before they head too far down the wrong path. Even at our small, rural high school, we encounter numerous students that become involved with juvenile probation, placement facilities, and/or incarceration during and after high school. Taylor Diversion Programs will create a scenario where caring adults can have a positive impact in preventing the patterns of negative behavior, rather than reacting to it after the fact.”-Guidance Counselor

Our Mission

TDP provides supportive prevention services for troubled youth and their families by using proven strategies in education, vocation, nature and wellness in order to create stronger, healthier communities.

Our Promise

As TDP grows, we will continue our commitment to exceed the expectations of the populations served; moreover, we will remain committed to treating every youth as family.

Multi-faceted Approach

TDP has created a unique,  four-dimensional Prevention/Intervention program for youth: 

Taylor Diversion Programs, Inc.© does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in the employment or in the provision of services.

TDP is a 501(c)(3) organization, fully licensed by PA 3800 regulations to operate a residential independent living program. We also have a private licensed school, through the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Lighthouse Island Academy.