Lighthouse Island Academy Holds 3rd Annual Graduation

Lighthouse Island Academy, a private academic school operated by Taylor Diversion Programs in Tionesta, PA, celebrated its third annual high school graduation in a ceremony attended by administrators, teachers, mentors, students, family, and friends of the nine graduating seniors.

A warmhearted welcome to the audience was offered by Debra and Michael Cummings, owners of Lighthouse Island Academy, a division of Taylor Diversion Programs. Both cited the success and accomplishments of our graduates, congratulating them on this very new step in their lives and wishing them continued success in the future.

The Keynote Address for the event was given by Mr. Jack Sherman, Allegheny Development Company President. Jack shared with the graduates an impressive set of tenets he learned through taking a Dale Carnegie course many years ago. He expressed that these principles, though dated, have stood the test of time and are ones that need to be incorporated into the lives of our graduates as they move forward in life.










The guest speaker, Mr. Bernie Pular, Tionesta resident and honored veteran, offered a heartfelt message to the graduates, thanking them for their friendship, kindness and unconditional love shared with him throughout the year. He, too, offered advice and guidance, as well as congratulatory comments for their future success. Mr. David Craig, Lighthouse Island Academy Education Director, offered the invocation and benediction for the ceremony.

The graduation ceremony was followed with a celebration luncheon and get-together enjoyed by all. A very special thank you was extended to the Lighthouse Island Academy teachers and Education Director, as well as to the mentors, counselors, families, PO’s and others who helped make it possible to mark this third graduation at Lighthouse Island Academy.

For information about Lighthouse Island Academy private academic school, please contact Michael or Debra Cummings ( or Dr. Kathleen Smith, Education Advisor ( at Taylor Diversion Programs. You may also phone 814.755.2422 or 814.931.8748.

*Missing from photos: Shawn, Tyriek, Seth