FiSherman’s Cafe Now Open & Menu

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FiSherman’s Cafe – located at 1 Lighthouse Island, Tionesta, PA – is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11:00 – 6:00.

Ben’s Fish Sandwiches are only served on FRIDAY!!!

FiSherman Café Menu “Best Food on the Island”


 “Best Island Burger”- fresh hand pressed ground chuck, topped with grilled onions and cheddar cheese, spicy brown mustard (3.99)

Regular Burger- 1/3rd ground chuck, lettuce tomato. (2.99) (add cheese for .50)

“Best Pulled Pork”- seasoned to perfection, slow roasted, mouth watering pork butt, your choice of BBQ sauce. (3.99)

“Best Island Chicken Cor Don Blue Sandwich” -fresh chicken breast, fried to golden brown, topped with thin sliced ham & swiss cheese (4.99)

Regular Chicken Sandwich- topped with lettuce and tomato (3.99)

“Best Island Dog”- Smit’s hot dog topped with Island made Coney Island Sauce! (1.99)

Regular Hot Dog (1.49)

Cheese Dog (1.99)

Friday Special

“Best Goldfish Sandwich”- fresh hand dipped haddock fillet fried to golden brown (4.99)

Best Island Sides

“Best Island Garbage Fries”- Fresh hand cut spuds, topped with all kinds of goodness! (3.99)

Regular Fresh Cut Fries

Large (2.99)

Small (1.99)

“Best Chicken Planks”- Fried golden chicken strips that is served with your choice of BBQ sauce (3.99)


“Best Island Lemonade”- hand pressed fresh lemonade (1.99)

“Best Island Brewed Tea” – (1.99)

Soda – (1.00)

Water- (1.00)

Coffee- (1.00)