COVID-19: TDP Response

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The following document reflects TAYLOR DIVERSION PROGRAMS response to a series of questions posed by the Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission (JCJC) to Residential Providers Regarding Protocols for Addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic


Does your facility have a COVID -19 Operational Response Plan or Protocol?


Taylor Diversion Programs (TDP)

           COVID-19 Operational Response Plan/Protocol 


Employees will be screened in our nursing department daily upon arriving at work. They will answer a series of questions and have their temperature taken. If an employee fails the screening, they will be referred to their PCP to undergo an examination and testing for COVID-19. The Employee may not return to work until cleared by their provider. If an employee tests positive to a COVID-19 test, the said employee will not be permitted to return to work for 14-21 days and will have tested negative for COVID-19 by their provider two consecutive times. TDP will follow the CDC guidelines as to when the employee may return to work.

If multiple employees are on quarantine from COVID-19 at one time, TDP will rearrange shifts for healthy employees to provide continuous safe care for our youth. 


If a youth is diagnosed with COVID-19 from a positive test, they will be housed in isolation at our Sheffield site or on site in a dedicated area. Employees involved with infected youth will be required to wear masks at all times during shifts and will not be permitted to go back and forth between a healthy house and an isolation house.

We will also designate our Vine St. building, for healthy youth with special circumstances including but not limited to: pregnancy. Only healthy staff or staff cleared to return to work after sickness will be permitted to work with these youth.

Has your facility plan been reviewed by your licensing agency and or local County DOH?


Do you have daily testing of staff and youth for symptoms?

YES. TDP has a daily screening form that is completed when all employees arrive on shift and screen the youth as needed

Do you have screening protocols in place for staff and visitors coming to the program?

YES. All staff are to immediately report to the nursing office to be screened prior to their shift starting. Visitors are to call or check in at the front office and nursing will  screen them prior to any contact with youth or staff. 

Do you have adequate access to medical personnel on site i.e nurses, doctors, PA’s?

YES. TDP has an on-site nurse (RN) who is on call 24-hours a day. We also have a Nurse Practitioner who makes rounds biweekly and is on call and can utilize the local health center if needed 

Do you have adequate disinfectant and hygiene protocols in place consistent with the DOH communication of 4-4-20?

Yes, Taylor Diversion Programs, has and is following adequate disinfectant and hygiene protocols consistent with the DOH and the CDC.

Have you been able to access enough PPE for your staff and youth?

NO. Taylor Diversion Programs are having a hard time finding masks. We are starting to make cloth masks for our staff, youth, and the community.

How are you practicing social distancing?  

Everyone at the facility is maintaining 6 feet distancing with other staff and youth. 

Does your facility have access to COVID-19 testing?

YES.  we have access to COVID-19 testing through our local providers and hospital. 

Have you had staff who tested positive for the COVID-19?

NO. No one has tested positive for COVID-19 at this time.

What are your protocols for staff who test positive?

Taylor Diversion Programs protocol if someone is exposed to or tests positive for COVID-19 is to have them self-quarantine for 14 -21 days. We will follow the CDC guidelines to return to work.

Describe your protocols for the notification of county agency referral sources and families should a staff test positive for COVID-19?

County agency referral sources and families will be called by a TDP representative within 24 hours of any staff testing positive for COVID-19.

Do you currently have youth in your program who have tested positive for COVID- 19?

NO.  We do not have any youth that have tested positive for COVID-19.

What are your protocols for youth who test positive, including ability to quarantine?

If a TDP youth tests positive for COVID-19, they will immediately be quarantined for 14 days. 

Describe your protocols for the notification of referral sources and families should a youth test positive for COVID-19.

County agency referral sources and families will be called by a TDP representative within 24 hours of any youth testing positive for COVID-19.

Do you have provisional staffing plan in place accounting for anticipated staff absences or vacancies?  

Taylor Diversion Programs is prepared to alter shifts for employees if needed.

Are you experiencing difficulties in providing adequate staffing?

NO. Taylor Diversion Programs has adequate staff at this time.

Has your referral and admissions practices changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

YES. We are close to full capacity and require a 14 quarantine prior to an admission. 

How has your daily programming been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Taylor Diversion Programs has self-quarantined our youth and staff to the facility in order to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Are youth in your care attending school at the present time?

Our youth are doing daily school-work via packets.

Are youth able to connect with probation staff via video conferencing upon short notice?

YES. We are using ZOOM to make these conferences possible.

Are parents able to connect more frequently with youth via telephone and/or videoconference technology?

YES. Families are encouraged to call their youth and we have the technology (ZOOM) to video call if they would like.

Describe your overall ongoing communication protocol with your county agencies during this pandemic? 

Taylor Diversion Programs is in constant daily contact with all county agencies that we serve. We are completing all surveys requested and are attending video conferences if they are made available. 

Are there additional supports needed by your program during this time?

Taylor Diversion is I still in need of hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves. 

Rev. 4-8-20